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Your growth-minded
thought partner

Cultivate clarity in moments of
inspiration, ambiguity, and growth.

Capture your daily experiences.

Ease your way into the process by describing a recent challenge or inspiration. Keep it short or make it long; engage with Mynd when you’re ready for the next step.
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Engage with an active thought partner whenever you need insights.

When you’re ready to engage, Mynd will provide new insights from your daily experiences including a brief summary, keywords, and key emotions.
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Discover your core motives without fear of judgement.

Take it one step further with Mynd tailored questions. These questions help you cultivate clarity within yourself.
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Reflect on changes over time

Focus your growth with pattern recognition

It can be challenging to see our repeating behaviors. Mynd will find common themes across your entries and help you view these patterns with a growth mindset.
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explore safely

We believe vulnerability requires trust.

That’s why we do not own or look at your data. You can also remove content anytime so you can feel confident that your thoughts are safe.

Our progress

Mynd is still in development and is currently offered as a free beta.
The Mynd beta is available for free with pricing coming in 2024.
Share feedback by clicking “leave feedback” in the app or here.
Data ownership
Our terms of use specify that you own your data.
What's next
We'll work on integrating improved pattern recognition in 2024.
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